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Fees and other important disclosures pursuant to Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan
Please be aware that there are various risks and fees may be incurred for securities investments.


— Product Solutions Division —

Structured Finance has been placed as one of the core businesses in Shinsei group for years and Product Solutions Division offers high expertise in arrangement of structured products, bulk trading of loan assets housing and consumer etc., and providing other securitization related products and services while utilizing leading financial technologies to reflect financial needs from customers.

<Products and Services Lineup>
  • Securitization of Monetary Claims (ABS):Assets collateralized by Credit Card Loans and Lease Receivables.
  • Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS):Assets collateralized by residential debts such as residential mortgages and housing loans.
  • Bulk trading of loan assets housing and consumer etc
  • Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS):The security of which its cash flow comes from non-recourse loans of commercial mortgages, offices, shopping centers, hotels and so forth.
  • Arrangement of real estate non-recourse loans
  • Whole Business Securitization (WBS) and Project Finance:Securitization of future cash flows to be generated through business operations.
  • Covered Bond:The bonds to be issued based on credit enhancement on the grounds of synergies between issuers and the pool of well performed assets.
  • Securitization in General:Procurement at value of assets (accounts receivable, real estate, etc.) on balance sheets

Shinsei Covered Bonds: Concept

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— Product Solutions Division —

<Products with high added value>

The Product Solutions Division utilizes derivative techniques to deliver high added-value services. We offer a broad range of products, from principal-protected to high risk and return, and structure and provide products for asset management, risk hedging, financing, and various other needs. We are facing to Financial Institutions who wish to invest in added-value products or seek to generate earnings from option and market movements, and retail customers who are interested in structured notes. We also provide corporate customers with equity related balance sheet solution.

<Products and Services>
  • Exchangeable Bond
  • Index Linked note
  • Equity Swap
  • Index or tailor-made baskets
  • Stock lending and borrowing

Products and Solutions

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— Product Solutions Division —

< Providing Interest Rate / Foreign Exchange products through Medium Term Notes Program >

The Product Solutions Division offers solutions to institutional investors and retail customers centered on MTNs (medium-term notes), which makes it possible to issue bonds efficiently. We originate and introduce investment products that meet the needs of various customers by compounding, as needed, derivatives linked with interest rates and exchange rates into bonds issued by domestic and overseas issuers, including Shinsei Bank. We also respond to funding and the hedging needs on a case-by-case basis.

Sample Structure

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Securities Intermediary

— Securities Intermediation Business Division —

Given Shinsei's structuring expertise, we are able to offer a wide range of competitive and attractive financial products which are targeted at investors seeking enhanced yield. We seek to make these products available to investors through establishing intermediary arrangements with Banks and other financial institutions.

Intermediation scheme

<Examples of structured financial products that we offer>

Forex linked bonds, Nikkei or Stock price linked bonds, Interest rate linked bonds, Commodities linked bonds, etc.

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Capital Markets

— Capital Markets Division —

The Capital Markets division has solid underwriting capabilities by utilizing cultivated know-how and broad customer base in the name of Shinsei Bank Group.
Our team actively handle mainly debt products including securitization products, credit-linked notes, corporate bonds, subordinated bonds FILP agency bonds, and etc.
We propose optimal schemes to meet sophisticated and complex day to day investors' investment needs and financing needs of issuers based on our accurate and prompt market analysis and strengthened latest financial technology such as securitization.

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— Research Division —

Research Division conducts redearch and study on fixed income products including bonds and securitized assets. In order to proactively advance the provision of information to our clients, the full-scale research operations at Shinsei Securities launched in September 2006 when the "Credit Analysis Division" was renamed "Fixed Income Research Division". The division changed its name to "Research Division" in April 2011 to reflect our intention to expand research coverage.

<Profile of Head of the Division>

Yukio Egawa, Chief Strategist
Egawa has been deeply involved in the development of the Japanese securitization market since its inception in the mid-1990s. His role in the market evolved from originator, arranger/banker and credit rating analyst to sell-side research analyst specializing in securitized products. Egawa's former employers include Moody's, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and the Bank of Japan. Member of the Society for the Economic Studies. Senior Advisor to the Securitization Forum of Japan. Ranked No.1 in securitization analyst section in Nikkei Analyst Poll 2008.

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